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V-Multi is a brand that produces digital art, namely 3D and 2D art for a wide range of purposes, such as the advertising and entertainment industry. Through our strong creative component and technical capacity, we offer a wide range of services: creation of 3D models and animations; 3D mockups and projects for architectural visualizations; graphic design; illustration, photo manipulation and concept art. Providing always excellent services, we aim at the satisfaction and consequently the loyalty of our customers.

We combine a professional quality with an economic price, offering our customers the technical support they need as well.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to provide the best possible solutions for our costumers needs:

  • The 3D models we provide will save the customers the time of making a great model, allowing them to spend that time on other areas of their production pipeline.
  • The 3D Photorealistic mockups created for architectural visualizations will meet the client’s vision and needs.
  • The graphic design we provide will always take into account the needs of our clients at a given moment, whether is to attract customers to their company, to promote their brand or to create a visual identity.
  • The concept art created by us will always reflect the needs of our constumers and for that we will use everything within our reach to attain maximum efficiency.

Our secondary goal is to create and provide art in the shape of beautiful decorative objects (prints) which will look amazing in the customers walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about us or our services, feel free to email us, or send us a message through our form anytime, but before that make sure your question is not listed below.

3D Models

If you want to know something about the model that is not listed in the product description, feel free to contact us through our form or by email, we will get in touch as soon as possible.

It will depend on the model in question and the format you need. But we will always do everything within our reach to convert the model to better fit your needs.

After you buy the model we can adapt it as long as the changes are reasonable. We can change textures, colors, even the topology of the model sometimes. You might want to contact us before you buy the model to tell us about the changes you need, then we’ll get in touch to confirm if it’s possible or not.


The delivery time will depend on the country for which it was ordered, as well as the shipping options you choose.
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The prints sales are handled by Artstation and so the shipping is also handled by them. If there’s a problem with the print, contact Artstation via  support@artstation.com
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Simply contact us through the form or by email. Don’t forget to give us a detailed description of what you need. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

We do not print but we work with partners that do, so if you need it, feel free to contact us through our form or by email.

Yes you can contact us. If what you need is not listed in our website but has something to do with digital art, 3D modeling, graphic arts, concept art, or even web design, there’s a good chance we can do it.


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