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  • What is V-Multi?

    V-Multi is a brand that produces digital art, namely 3D and 2D art for a wide range of purposes, such as the advertising or entertainment industry. Through our strong creative component and technical capacity, we offer a wide range of services, like image creation and editing, 3D projection, vector graphics and also 2D and 3D animation. Providing always excellent services, we aim at the satisfaction and consequently the loyalty of our customers. We combine a professional quality with an economic price, offering our customers the technical support they need as well.

  • What types of services does V-Multi provide?

    V-Multi provides the most varied digital art services. Among the products and services provided by V-Multi are:

  • Does V-Multi have an official online store?

    At the moment V-Multi does not have an official online store. The only products available for sale online are 3D models which are available on the following pages:



  • How are 3D mockups made?

    3D mockups are made from plans, schemes, etc. of existing architectural projects. 3D mockups can be made, without plans or schemes, in buildings that have already been built, and for this purpose the measurements of the structure in question must be determined. Usually, 3D mockups are used for visualizations of the intended final result of a particular project: interior decoration, remodeling of a certain space, or even construction (in the event that there is already an architectural project with plans, schemes, etc). It can also be created any kind of "fictional mockup" of a structure not yet built, but in those cases, 3D mockups may not obey the architectural methodological theory and laws.

  • Does V-Multi make prints on graphic media?

    V-Multi does not make prints on graphic media (currently), it only creates the images digitally.

  • What method does V-Multi use to create Concept Art?

    After receiving a proposal to carry out Concept Art, V-Multi begins by ascertaining the concept intended by the customer that needs the service, as well as the number of "pieces" of art (scenarios, characters, objects, symbols, menus, etc.) that may be necessary as well as the complexity of the art itself (whether it should be more or less detailed, more or less colorful, etc.) and whether it will be necessary to create 3D models that may or may not be used in the final product. Once all these aspects have been verified, V-Multi will carry out the budget and, if accepted, will initiate the project, usually carrying out an advanced research on the desired theme / concept and initiating the creation of 2D digital art. At the end of the creation of the 2D digital art will be created the 3D models if needed.

  • Is there any kind of special drawing for V-Multi to do the comic coloring?

    There is no specific type of drawing for coloring, but light line drawings (with few shadows) will be better for coloring digitally, and we can give the effects of contrast between shadow and light, as well as gradients, or other transitions of colors, in some cases even textures. If you prefer, the colors can be solid, without any transition. It is important that the art you send us is not too dark and too shady, as this will make the coloring process difficult. Still, if in doubt, talk to us, we'll let you know our best solution.

  • Does V-Multi provide services of webdesign?

    V-Multi can create static websites, that is, websites that do not rely on databases or need to use server-side programming. Therefore, we do not make online stores, forums, chats, blogs, etc. This is because the creation of a dynamic website from scratch takes too long, which ultimately gives the product an expensive price. This way, we prefer not to make dynamic websites for now. If you want a static website, programmed only with the client-side languages, we can do it with a nice price. Static websites are mainly used to provide information to a particular target audience. An example of a static website made by us is precisely our V-Multi website. In the future, we might create consistent templates for dynamic websites, and at that point we can certainly design dynamic websites with better prices.

  • Does V-Multi create advertising elements for cars?

    V-Multi may consider creating some elements for a vehicle, depending on the vehicle and the size of the elements in question. By choice, we do not place advertisement for cars in the services provided by us because the advertising elements usually have to obey a number of certain measures and shapes (depending on the car concerned). However, if they are small elements that do not occupy all parts of the vehicle, they can be created by us. We encourage you to contact us if you wish to create advertisement for your vehicle, as it will always be preferable to check the possibility of doing so on a case-by-case basis.

  • What is the customer support service?

    The customer support service is a section that we provide for customers who may have bought some of our products (3D models) online on the websites CGStudio and 3DExport. In the event that after purchasing, you find that there are some details that you would like to modify in the 3D models purchased, we can make these modifications, within reasonable limits. (to better understand what we mean by "reasonable limits", please visit the page Customer Support). Therefore, simply by sending us a proof of purchase and after verifying it's authenticity, we will then make the changes. It may be possible that we cannot make the requested changes for several reasons, even if it is a request considered reasonable. So, we will do everything to make the requested changes, but we do not guarantee that will be always possible.

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