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Customer Support

If you have purchased any of our 3D models on one of the websites where they are for sale, you may wish to enjoy a special after-sales service that we provide so that our customers can have a product more suitable to their needs. Just send us an E-Mail with a proof of payment of the item purchased and tell us which service do you want (within reasonable limits). Reasonable limits means:
  • The conversion of files to other formats that best serve the purpose of the purchase.
  • Changes in texture colors and in some cases in the patterns themselves (in some cases these changes may only be made in the texture image files and not in the 3D software file itself).

Conversion of files to other formats

If you need to do a conversion from one 3D software format to another, we can do it (with some limitations). Rigged models will be virtually impossible to convert to another format while maintaining the entire rig system created (bones, skinning, helpers, etc.). Anyway, if you want to convert a 3D file, tell us which file you want to convert and what format you need and we will do everything to fulfill your request.

Changes in the colors and patterns of textures

If you need a change in the color or pattern of the texture of the acquired model, describe the color / pattern you want.
If you want a change in your model that is not listed above, we advise you to send us an E-Mail to see if it is possible to accept your request.
We remind you that this service is only a way to ensure that the products purchased can better meet the expectations of the buyers thus serving their purpose better, however we do not guarantee that it is always possible to make the changes intended by all our customers.