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3D Art

3D Models

If you need a 3D model created from scratch for your specific needs, we have the solution for you! We make any type of 3D model: vehicles, animals, people, objects, buildings, etc. In the process of creating 3D models, we create the models in full or in part according to your need, that is, if your company has a 3D modeler but not a texturizer, we will do the unwrapping and texturizing of your model. In the event that you do not have a 3D animator, we will do the rigging and the animation of your models. If you need the complete product, we create the entire model, including the modeling, texturing and animation.
Here is a list of our services for creating 3D models:
Spinosaurus 3D
Textures of a 3D Model.
Spinosaurus 3D
3D model ready for texturing, right after the unwrapping.
  • Modeling
  • Unwrapping
  • Sculpting
  • Texture Creation / Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Rendering
If you need a 3D model or even if you already have a 3D model and you want to texture it, or to animate it, or even a more detailed rendering, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make the budget according to your needs.

3D Game Art

Spinosaurus 3D
The same model with 9000 polygons textured.
Spinosaurus 3D
Topology of a model with about 9000 polygons.
The 3D Game Art consists in the creation of models of characters and scenarios for video games. These models differ from the rest because they are "Low Poly" models, that is, they are models with a smaller number of polygons. We usually try to have models that don't exceed 20000 polygons, and most of the time we get them to be even under 10000. Thus, the models are lighter and therefore more suitable for working in video games, as their rendering and loading times will be faster during the game creation and in the end user's perspective while playing. Low polygon models will help create games that won't need high requirements in the computers where they will run, which increases the range of potential buyers of the final product (video game).
The creation of 3D models is in many cases associated with the creation of Concept Art, which is about designing specific characters and scenarios in a specific context, usually associated with the entertainment industry.

3D Animations

3D animations are used for the most varied purposes: advertising, cinema, video games, documentaries and even in the most diverse areas of knowledge such as architecture, medicine, engineering, etc. This is due to the fact that 3D animations as well as 3D models can be used to design a building, visualize the decoration of an establishment, or even observe certain aspects of the human body and many other issues related to several areas.
Animation of the walking cycle of a dinosaur (Spinosaurus). Feel free to see the full screen video by clicking in the bottom right button.
Animation of the walking cycle of a dinosaur (Parasaurolophus). Feel free to see the full screen video by clicking in the bottom right button.
3D Animation of a children's short film created with a celshading effect, in other words, it's a simulation of a cartoon effect.

3D Mockups

The 3D mockups are models commonly used to design structures of architecture, sculpture, engineering, decoration of interiors, among others. Mockups can be static models or 3D animations that help you visualize a particular structure of several different angles.
CG Shoes Store 3D
3D Mockup of a store (visualization inside the store, close to the entrance).
CG Shoes Store 3D
3D Mockup of a store (visualization inside the store, near the back of the store).
CG Shoes Store 3D
3D Mockup of a store (aerial view of the store).
The main purpose of the 3D mockups made by us is mostly the visualization of the structure in question, that is, giving the customer a clearer perception of the appearance of the structure. Our 3D mockups can be created alone or in collaboration with licensed professionals (architectural, engineering, etc.), however, it is important to bear in mind that our 3D mockups do not replace the work of this professionals (like for example, an architectural project created by an architectural office).
CG Shoes Store 3D
3D Mockup of a store entrance.
CG Shoes Store 3D
3D Mockup of a store. Rendered with a celshading effect (ideal for faster renders and a good 3D visualization of the structure).
Stand 3D
3D Mockup of a stand.