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2D Art

Graphic Arts

The Graphic Arts have the purpose of visually communicate a concept or idea through the combination of image and text. Usually, this type of communication is transmitted in a printed format. We create the graphic arts (digitally only, we don't make prints) and prepare the files for the print shop. We create designs to:
  • Outdoors (billboards), Posters and Banners
  • Flyers, business cards and other small formats
  • Packaging label design
  • Logos

Outdoors (billboards) / Posters / Banners

The Billboards are some of the most used formats in public places. Due to their large dimensions they are ideal to stand out at considerable distances.
Restaurant Outdoor
3D View of a billboard of a restaurant.
Cars Outdoor
3D view of a billboard of a car stand.
The posters (or what we call posters) are smaller in size and therefore placed in places where the target audience will pass near or stop, such as at bus stops, train or metro stations, shopping centers, busy streets (with pedestrian and / or vehicle traffic) etc. Posters are often placed in mupis, or presented in the form of standups in shopping centers. In some situations "less professional" they might be placed on the walls without any protection, eventually ending up being damaged by weather conditions.
3D view of a mupi.


Flyers or brochures are a good option to reach the target audience due to the low cost and easy handling. Thus it is possible to make the information circulate quickly from "hand to hand". Showing effectively an idea, company, brand, service or product.
Flyer Beauty 1
View of a flyer with 30 x 21 cm (12 x 8 inches approx.). Closed it measures 10 x 21 cm (4 x 8 inches approx.).

Packaging Label Design

The label represents all the information on the packaging of a particular product. The sales of your product therefore depends not only on a packaging with an attractive design but also on the quality of the design of the label. The label does not only translates in obligation to display certain information about your product, but it also reflects the opportunity to attract potential buyers. So, if you need a design for a label that suits your needs and above all the needs of your customers, talk to us. In some cases, we may even design the packaging itself if you need it (depending on the packaging requirements of the product concerned). For a better visualization of the final appearance of the product, we might also use 3D renderings that allow our customer to have a clearer idea of the final appearance of the packaging with the label.


Logos are an important part of the identity of a company, brand, product, service, etc. And it is of the utmost importance that it fulfills its function correctly. Usually the creation of a visual identity is associated with the creation of the logo, that is, a set of formal elements that visually represent a company, idea, brand, product, etc. These elements that include the logo will be present in most of the graphic media such as envelopes, billboards, posters, etc. And / or digital / electronic media such as the visual aspect of interfaces of computer programs, websites, etc. Do not let such an important part of your business fall behind. Ask for your budget now. We make logos and create a visual identity for your business.

Concept Art

V-Multi creates the concept art that you need. We draw characters, scenery, objects, menus, etc. taking into account the concept you want for your product, be it a video game, an animation or an application. We also create 3D art as a complement, namely: modeling, texturing and animation of 3D models.

Image Editing

V-Multi offers a wide range of image editing services, ranging from simple photo corrections to complex photo manipulations. Some of the services include:
  • Image correction:
    • Coloring of images that are in grayscale.
    • Removing or inserting elements in an image.
    • Corrections of contrasts, saturations, hues, blurs, etc.
  • Coloring of images or drawings such as comic strips or similar.
  • Creation of complex photo manipulations.
  • Creation of photo realistic images.

Animações 2D / Edição de Vídeo

We create 2D animations (using 3D animations as a complement if required) for the most varied purposes, such as:
  • Presentation on LED panels.
  • Presentation on websites.
  • Promotion of products or services through the most varied means.
In addition to creating new animations, we can also use existing elements like footage or audio and edit them in the final composition of the videos / animations, inserting new elements when necessary.